Jake and I hit the city of Las Vegas right after work on last Thursday. Both of us took Friday off and then we went flying North in his car. I knew that he was up to something and I figured that he was going to blow some money because he had just come into the enormous trust fund his grandparents had set up for him at birth. I did not know what he meant by the girlfriend experience in Las Vegas, but apparently both of these girls knew him. I would have felt strange about it if I had been paying for it, but of course I was perfectly fine with him paying. I hate to even think about how much it must have cost him. He seemed to have some sort of real relationship with the girl he picked up first. If I had not known that she was on the clock I would have guessed that she was indeed his girlfriend.

About ten minutes later they met another girl at a restaurant and she took hold of my arm, kissed me and whispered her name in my ear. After that she acted as though she had known me for months or years. When we were in the restaurant she started playing around under the table, it reminded me of this girl I knew in high school. She looked like an angel above the table and acted like the devil underneath. Then exactly like a girlfriend she made me work for everything that I got, although obviously I was going to end up where I wanted to be. By the time I woke up the next morning I was trying to remind myself not to get in this thing over my head. I am pretty sure Jake is already there. If he does not love that girl I can not tell it.